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Edward Everett: Quiz


Question 1: Works by Edward Everett at ________
Project Gutenberg AustraliaGoogle BooksProject GutenbergAmazon Kindle

Question 2: He took up the cause of preserving ________'s home at Mount Vernon.
George WashingtonUlysses S. GrantDwight D. EisenhowerAlexander Hamilton

Question 3: Oliver Everett[1], a 1779 graduate of ________,[2] and Lucy Hill, the daughter of Alexander S.
Harvard CrimsonHarvard UniversityHarvard CollegeRadcliffe College

Question 4: He spent much of this time at the University of Göttingen in ________, where he became the first American to receive a German Ph.D..

Question 5: He also taught at ________ and served as president of Harvard.
Brown UniversityRutgers UniversityHarvard CrimsonHarvard University

Question 6: He supported Clay's "________" and the interests of Massachusetts' propertied class.
American School (economics)ProtectionismMixed economyAnarchist economics

Question 7: He served until 1845, when after a change of administrations he was replaced by Democrat ________.
Martin Van BurenRichard RushLouis McLaneAlbert Gallatin

Question 8: The Federalist Party had collapsed, and the victorious ________ had become diffuse, so no formal party affiliations existed at this time.
Democratic Party (United States)Republican Party (United States)Democratic-Republican PartyWhig Party (United States)

Question 9: Edward Everett (April 11, 1794 ‚Äď January 15, 1865) was an American politician and educator from ________.
Rhode IslandMaineMassachusettsConnecticut

Question 10: The 1860 election threatened to produce a national crisis, with pro-slavery Southerners splitting the Democratic Party, and threatening ________ if a Republican was selected President.

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