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Education in the Philippines: Quiz


Question 1: On December 2007, Philippine president ________ announced that Spanish is to make a return as a mandatory subject in all Filipino schools starting in 2008.
Diosdado MacapagalPhilippinesGloria Macapagal-ArroyoMikey Arroyo

Question 2: Chinese schools add two language subjects, such as Min Nan Chinese and ________ and may use English or Chinese as the foundational language.
Chinese languageCantonese (Yue)Standard MandarinMandarin Chinese

Question 3: Free primary instruction that trained the people for the duties of citizenship and avocation was enforced by the ________ per instructions of President William McKinley.
Schurman CommissionTaft CommissionPhilippine CommissionMalolos Congress

Question 4: Japanese educational policies were embodied in Military Order No. 2 in ________.

Question 5: Many Korean students come to the Philippines to study English for 6 months or more, then transfer abroad to ________, the United States, or other countries for degrees.
BarbadosAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom

Question 6: In 2005, the Philippines spent only about US$138 per pupil compared to US$1,582 in Singapore, US$3,728 in ________, and US$852 in Thailand.
CambodiaJapanUnited KingdomCanada

Question 7: Philippine regional languages are also used outside ________ in the teaching of Makabayan.
Quezon CityValenzuela CityMetro ManilaManila

Question 8: A system of free and compulsory elementary education was established by the ________.
Andrés BonifacioEmilio AguinaldoMalolos ConstitutionKatipunan

Question 9: Other types of schools do exist, such as ________, Preparatory schools, International schools, Laboratory High Schools and Science High Schools.
Private schoolSecondary educationIndependent schoolPublic school (privately funded)

Question 10: A highly centralized public school system was installed in ________ by the Philippine Commission by virtue of Act No. 74.
March 41901January 11900


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