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Education in Iceland: Quiz


Question 1: Most ________ will have had to pass some form of matriculation exam to get into university[13]; however those with sufficient work experience may be admitted in some cases.
Academic degreeUndergraduate educationBachelor's degreeDoctorate

Question 2: [14] With the changes in the law, a special school was opened in Reykjavik for students with ________, and similar programs followed.
SchizophreniaAlzheimer's diseaseMental disorderMental retardation

Question 3: In addition to Icelandic students, students from the ________ or EEA-EFTA member states are also eligible to apply for loans, if they have been working in their trade in the country for at least one year.
European UnionDenmarkEuropean ParliamentGermany

Question 4: The law requires that there are academic, vocational, artistic and general programmes of study, all of which lead to ________.
Higher educationUniversityCollegeAcademic degree

Question 5: Like all other schools in ________, upper secondary schools are mixed sex.

Question 6: Before the changes in 1974, only selected groups of students with disabilities, such as ________ and blind students, received any formal special education, although students with mild disabilities had been accommodated at rural schools since 1907.
Sensorineural hearing lossHearing impairmentTinnitusPresbycusis

Question 7: Annually there are a limited number of scholarships available for foreign students to study the ________ and literature at the University of Iceland, offered by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
Swedish languageNorwegian languageIcelandic languageFaroese language

Question 8: The university originally had only faculties for these three fields, in addition to a faculty of ________.
Performing artsSocial sciencesFine artHumanities

Question 9: In school year 2001–2 students were able to choose between five examinations, Icelandic, Danish (or Norwegian or Swedish), English, ________ and natural sciences.
Set theoryGeometryMathematicsMathematical logic

Question 10: Most institutions are funded by the state; there are very few ________ in the country.
Independent schoolSecondary educationPrivate schoolPublic school (privately funded)


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