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Education in Ancient Rome: Quiz


Question 1: As Rome grew in size and in power following the ________, the importance of the family as the central unit within Roman society began to change[4].
Punic WarsRoman RepublicThird Punic WarSecond Punic War

Question 2: [1] The old Roman system of education carried out by the paterfamilias gave way to a new educational system encountered by the Romans among the Hellenistic Greeks in prominent centers of learning such as ________.
AlexandriaAlexander the GreatGreeceAncient Greece

Question 3: The educator ________ recognized the importance of an early education, noting that “memory … not only exists even in small children, but is specially retentive at that age”.
AugustusQuintilianRoman EmpireTacitus

Question 4: From the foundation of ________ in approximately 753 BC to the middle of the third century BC, there is little evidence of anything more than rudimentary education.

Question 5: Roman school for a detailed description of the school system in ________
Roman RepublicAncient RomeClassical antiquityRoman Empire

Question 6: Education as practiced in the Roman Republic and ________ had a seminal effect on later education in the west.
Byzantine EmpireRoman EmpireWestern Roman EmpireAncient Rome


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