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Question 1: Later, on 20 September 1945, knowing that he would surely face trial for numerous warcrimes, Wirths committed suicide by ________.
HangingCapital punishmentCapital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United States

Question 2: ________, Nazi Doctors & Other Perpetrators of Nazi Crimes
Walailak UniversityWebster University ThailandAssumption University (Thailand)Webster University

Question 3: Pearce, an Associate Professor of ________ and Gynecology at the Truman Medical Center has made the following observation regarding Wirths' medical experiments: ".
SurgeryReproductive medicineGynaecologyObstetrics

Question 4: Wirths then chose to undertake special training for Department leaders in Dachau Concentration Camp and served as chief SS doctor in ________ during July 1942.
Bullenhuser DammAlderney concentration campsThe HolocaustNeuengamme concentration camp

Question 5: He joined the ________ and the SA in June 1933 and applied for admission into the SS in 1934.
SchutzstaffelNazi PartyAdolf HitlerNazism

Question 6: Coincidentally, in 1942 ________ was also wounded at the Russian Front, pronounced medically unfit for combat, promoted to the rank of SS-Hauptsturmführer before being assigned to Auschwitz.
Franz StanglAuschwitz concentration campGustav Wagner (SS officer)Josef Mengele

Question 7: He entered the ________ in 1939, saw action in Norway and the Russian Front and was classified as medically unfit for combat duty in the spring of 1942 after a heart-attack.
Nazi GermanyAxis powersWaffen-SSSchutzstaffel

Question 8: Eduard Wirths (4 September 1909 – 20 September 1945) was the Chief SS doctor (SS-Standortarzt) at the ________ from September 1942 to January 1945.
Operation ReinhardAuschwitz concentration campTreblinka extermination campAction T4

Question 9: Eduard Wirths was born in Geroldshausen near Würzburg, ________ into a Catholic family with democratic Socialist leanings.

Question 10: His father served as a medical corpsman in the ________ and according to Dr.
Western Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

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