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Question 1: He also faced separatist conflicts in the regions of South Ossetia and ________, which caused the deaths of an estimated 10,000 people, as well as an assertively autonomous government in Ajaria.
AbkhaziaGeorgia (country)AdjaraSouth Ossetia

Question 2: The parallel with Yugoslavia was reinforced when it emerged that the Open Society Institute of ________ had arranged contacts between the Georgian opposition and the Yugoslav Otpor (Resistance) movement, which had been instrumental in the toppling of Milošević.
BudapestBelarusHungaryGeorge Soros

Question 3: Shevardnadze was born in Mamati, Lanchkhuti, Transcaucasian SFSR, ________.
Joseph StalinRussiaSoviet UnionEast Germany

Question 4: People power forces Georgia leader out from ________ News online.
TG4BBCRaidió Teilifís ÉireannNorwegian Broadcasting Corporation

Question 5: It was reported (although never confirmed) that his family had purchased a villa in the resort town of ________.
Baden-BadenHeidelbergStuttgartFreiburg im Breisgau

Question 6: Prior to his presidency, he served under ________ as the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union from 1985 to 1991.
Mikhail GorbachevLech WałęsaRonald ReaganBoris Yeltsin

Question 7: During the ________, he made public his attempts to restore Georgian diplomatic relations with Russia, and continues to argue for it.
1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt2008 South Ossetia warSecond Chechen WarFirst Chechen War

Question 8: He joined the ________ in 1948 after two years as a Komsomol instructor and rose through the ranks to become a member of the Georgian Supreme Soviet in 1959.
CommunismCommunist Party of the Soviet UnionMarxismEast Germany

Question 9: The 1995 attack had seen his motorcade attacked with anti-tank rockets and small arms fire in ________ under cover of night.

Question 10: In 1937, during the ________, his father, who had abandoned Menshevism for Bolshevism in the mid-1920s, was arrested but was released due to the intervention of an NKVD officer who had been his pupil.
Joseph StalinGreat PurgeMoscow TrialsMass killings under Communist regimes


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