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Eduard Buchner: Quiz


Question 1: Once this step was done, the moist mixture would be put through a press and the resulting "press juice" had glucose, fructose, or maltose added and ________ was seen to evolve, sometimes for days.
Carbon sinkCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gasCarbon cycle

Question 2: Buchner received the ________ in 1907.
Frederick SangerNobel Prize in ChemistryElias James CoreyRudolph A. Marcus

Question 3: The experiment for which Buchner won the Nobel Prize consisted of producing a cell-free extract of ________ cells and showing that this "press juice" could ferment sugar.

Question 4: The cell-free extract was produced by combining dry yeast cells, quartz and ________ and then pulverizing the yeast cells with a pestle and mortar.
DiatomDiatomaceous earthCretaceousUnited States

Question 5: Buchner was born in ________ to a physician and Doctor Extraordinary of Forensic Medicine.

Question 6: This dealt yet another blow to ________ by showing that the presence of living yeast cells was not needed for fermentation.
AristotleDeterminismImmanuel KantVitalism

Question 7: Eduard Buchner (20 May 1860 – 13 August 1917) was a German chemist and zymologist, the winner of the 1907 ________ for his work on fermentation.
Frederick SangerRudolph A. MarcusElias James CoreyNobel Prize in Chemistry

Question 8: After a period working with Otto Fischer in ________, Buchner was awarded a doctorate from the University of Munich in 1888.

Question 9: During World War I, Buchner served as a Major in a front-line field hospital at Focşani, ________.


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