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Question 1: In myasthenic crisis, where a person is not able to produce enough neuromuscular stimulation, edrophonium will reduce the muscle weakness by effectively supplying more ________.
KetamineKynurenic acidAcetylcholineDextromethorphan

Question 2: It prevents breakdown of the neurotransmitter ________ and acts by competitively inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, mainly at the neuromuscular junction.
AcetylcholineDextromethorphanKynurenic acidKetamine

Question 3: Because its duration of action is only about 20 minutes, edrophonium (by the so-called Tensilon test) is used to differentiate ________ from cholinergic crisis.
Myasthenia gravisSystemic lupus erythematosusAsthmaCoeliac disease

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