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Edmund Phelps: Quiz


Question 1: As part of this research, Phelps published a famous paper[2] in 1961 on the ________, one of his major contributions to economic science.
Capital accumulationNeoclassical economicsEconomicsGolden Rule savings rate

Question 2: [7] He also published research on economic justice, applying ideas from Rawls' book ________.
John RawlsPolitical philosophyOriginal positionA Theory of Justice

Question 3: During the '70s, Phelps and Calvo also collaborated on research regarding optimal contracts under ________.
Information economicsContract theoryInformation asymmetryEconomics

Question 4: He was able to collaborate with other top economists working on growth theory, including ________ and fellow Nobelist Tjalling Koopmans.
EconomicsKarl ShellCarnegie Mellon UniversityDavid Cass

Question 5: During the academic year 1962-63 Phelps visited MIT, where he was in contact with future Nobel prize winners ________, Robert Solow and Franco Modigliani.
Milton FriedmanGeorge StiglerKenneth ArrowPaul Samuelson

Question 6: As a result, in 1972 he published seminal research in the new field he named ________.
Maximum likelihoodLinear discriminant analysisRegression analysisFactor analysis

Question 7: Edmund Strother Phelps, Jr. (born July 26, 1933) is an American economist and the winner of the 2006 ________.
Milton FriedmanNobel Memorial Prize in Economic SciencesFriedrich von HayekGary Becker

Question 8: At his father's advice, Phelps enrolled in his first ________ course in his second year at Amherst.
Heterodox economicsMoneyKeynesian economicsEconomics

Question 9: Phelps has been McVickar Professor of Political Economy at ________ since 1982.
Rutgers UniversityColumbia UniversityNew York UniversityCornell University

Question 10: [1][4] During this period, along with the research on the Phillips curve, Phelps also collaborated with other economists on research regarding economic growth, the effects of monetary and fiscal policy and optimal ________.
OverpopulationWorld populationPopulation growthFood security


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