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Question 1: Another character that Edmund is often compared to is ________ of Othello, but Edmund is seen as the better character of the pair, as he tries to repent.
RoderigoIagoBrabantioEmilia (Othello)

Question 2: His marrying the two sisters as he dies is an allusion to and parody of ________, in which lovers separated by circumstance could be married in death.
StorgeRomance (love)Chemical basis for loveCourtly love

Question 3: Like Shylock and his "Has not a Jew eyes...?" (________, III, 1, 60), Edmund makes a speech, "Why bastard?
The Taming of the ShrewKing LearThe Merchant of VeniceHamlet

Question 4: Because of ________, Edmund will inherit nothing from his father.

Question 5: Edmund’s desire to use any means possible to secure his own needs makes him appear initially as a villain without a ________.

Question 6: Shakespeare's source for the subplot of Edmund, Edgar and Gloucester was a tale from ________'s Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia of a blind Paphlagonian king and his two sons, Leonatus and Plexitrus.
Philip SidneyMary SidneyPoetryEngland

Question 7: If Lear, Cordelia, and Kent represent the old ways of ________, order, and a distinct hierarchy, then Edmund is the most representative of a new order which adheres to a Machiavellian code.
Constitutional monarchyCoronationMonarchyCrown jewels

Question 8: He later flirts with both ________ and Regan and attempts to play them off against each other.
HamletOthelloBBC Television ShakespeareKing Lear

Question 9: Edmund or Edmond is a fictional character and the main antagonist in Shakespeare's ________.
BBC Television ShakespeareHamletKing LearOthello


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