Edict of Milan: Quiz

Question 1: A previous edict of toleration had been recently issued by the emperor ________ from Serdica and posted up at Nicomedia on 13 May 311.
MaximianConstantine IDiocletianGalerius

Question 2: The two Augusti were in ________ to celebrate the wedding of Constantine's sister with Licinius.
MilanCorbetta, ItalyRomeItaly

Question 3: ________ translated both into Greek in his History of the Church (Historia Ecclesiastica).
Development of the New Testament canonEusebius of CaesareaTimeline of ChristianityEarly Christianity

Question 4: The letter was issued in 313 AD, shortly after the conclusion of the ________.
Constantine IImperial cult (ancient Rome)Roman EmpireDiocletianic Persecution

Question 5: The Edict of Milan (Edictum Mediolanensium) was a letter signed by emperors ________ and Licinius that proclaimed religious toleration in the Roman Empire.
MaximianDiocletianConstantine IMaxentius

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Edict_of_Milan)