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Edger: Quiz


Question 1: An edger (also known as a lawn edger or stick edger) is a lawn-care tool used to cleanly separate a ________ from a walkway or other paved surface, such as a concrete sidewalk or asphalt path.
LawnGrassDomestic sheepPoaceae

Question 2: [1] ________ specifically limit emissions from small engines.
Greenhouse gas emissions by the United StatesNew Energy for AmericaUnited States emission standardsCorporate Average Fuel Economy

Question 3: Most gasoline edgers use a four-stroke engine with 2 or 3.5 ________ (1.5 or 3 kW), although some early edgers used a 1.75 horsepower (1.3 kW) engine.
HorsepowerShoe sizeISO/IEC 646Fuel oil


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