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Edgar Valdez Villarreal: Quiz


Question 1:
When is Edgar Valdez Villarreal's birthday?

Question 2:
What is Edgar Valdez Villarreal known for?
prolific publication
Drug cartel lieutenant
The Gift
director of NASA Ames Research Center

Question 3:
What did Edgar Valdez Villarreal do for a living?
Dock worker, Drug Dealer, Smuggler
Prisoner/Former Drug kingpin
Drug trafficking, hitman
Former drug organization enforcer/Prisoner

Question 4: In the police attempts to capture Villarreal, they have raided homes he has rented, locating ________, automatic weapons and police uniforms.
FranceGunpowderHand grenadeLand mine

Question 5: a legitimate businessman who had been forced to leave Nuevo Laredo and move to the neighboring state of ________ because he was being harassed for bribes by local police officers."[6]
Northeastern MexicoSaltilloPiedras Negras, CoahuilaCoahuila

Question 6: [7] Los Negros have been known to employ local gangs such as ________ and Mexican Mafia to carry out murders and other illegal activities.
United StatesNorth AmericaEl SalvadorMara Salvatrucha

Question 7: The police have been searching for Villarreal since his 2002 indictment on two counts of conspiracy with the intent to distribute ________.
Cannabis (drug)CannabidiolPsychedelics, dissociatives and deliriantsCannabis smoking

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