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Question 1: Beyond horror, Poe also wrote ________, humor tales, and hoaxes.
NovelPlay (theatre)PoetrySatire

Question 2:
When did Edgar Allan Poe die?

Question 3: [88] To that end, his fiction often included elements of popular pseudosciences such as ________[89] and physiognomy.

Question 4:
Where did Edgar Allan Poe die?

Question 5: Other Poe landmarks include a building in the ________, where Poe temporarily lived when he first moved to New York.
Upper West SideMorningside Heights, New York CityColumbus CircleManhattan

Question 6: [27] Poe decided to leave West Point by purposely getting ________.
MilitaryDesertionJudge Advocate General's CorpsCourt-martial

Question 7: [65] Newspapers at the time reported Poe's death as "congestion of the brain" or "cerebral inflammation", common ________ for deaths from disreputable causes such as alcoholism.
Book burningCensorshipEuphemismMedia bias

Question 8: ________ (1838) â€“ Poe's only complete novel
MetzengersteinThe Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of NantucketThe Masque of the Red DeathEdgar Allan Poe

Question 9:
How is Edgar Allan Poe described?
Australian actor and comedian
Indian Gaudiya Vaishnava spiritual leader, scientist, writer and poet
American poet, short story writer and literary critic

Question 10: After enlisting in the Army and later failing as an officer's cadet at ________, Poe parted ways with the Allans.
United States Military AcademyUnited States Air Force AcademyUnited States Merchant Marine AcademyUnited States Naval Academy

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