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Question 1: This instability grows, causing the current to ________, and eventually an eddy is pinched off from the meander (in much the same way as a meandering river forms an ox-bow lake).
ValleyAvulsion (river)Oxbow lakeMeander

Question 2: The sense of rotation of these currents may either be cyclonic or ________.
Synoptic scale meteorologyHigh-pressure areaTropical cycloneAnticyclone

Question 3: The concept of eddy is often used in phenomenology of ________.
TurbulenceFluid dynamicsDrag (physics)Reynolds number

Question 4: In ________, an eddy is the swirling of a fluid and the reverse current created when the fluid flows past an obstacle.
Surface tensionViscosityFluid dynamicsFluid mechanics

Question 5: These types of mesoscale eddies have been observed in many of major ocean currents, including the ________, the Agulhas Current, the Kuroshio Current, and the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, amongst others.
Gulf StreamCoriolis effectBoundary currentThermohaline circulation

Question 6: This phenomenon is most visible behind large emergent rocks in swift-flowing ________.
StreamDrainage basinEstuaryRiver

Question 7: Here, no void is created, but only an area of lower pressure, but again, a backflow causes the gas to ________.
Rotation around a fixed axisRigid bodyRotationEarth

Question 8: Another possible type of ________ is the vortex.
Fluid dynamicsReynolds numberTurbulenceDrag (physics)


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