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Question 1:
This and all following councils are rejected by the ________.
Armenian Apostolic ChurchOriental OrthodoxyEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchOrthodox Church

Question 2: 5. Second Council of Constantinople (553) repudiated the Three Chapters as Nestorian, condemned ________, decreed the Theopaschite Formula.
Church FathersJeromeEarly ChristianityOrigen

Question 3: Book of Common Prayer
Morning and Evening Prayer
Eucharist • Liturgical Year
Books of Homilies
High Church • Low Church
Broad Church
BibleBiblical canonNevi'imChristian biblical canons

Question 4:
Today, this council is accepted by the Roman Catholic Church but rejected as a robber council by the ________.
Orthodox ChurchEastern ChristianityEast–West SchismChristianity

Question 5: 8. (RC) Fourth Council of Constantinople (869-870) deposed ________ as an usurper and reinstated his predecessor Saint Ignatius.
Michael IIIOrthodox ChurchEast–West SchismPhotios I of Constantinople

Question 6: 9. ________ (1123) addressed investment of bishops and the Holy Roman Emperor's role therein.
First Council of ConstantinopleFirst Council of the LateranCouncil of TrentFirst Council of Lyon

Question 7: 16. ________ (1414-1418) resolved the Great Western Schism and condemned John Hus.
Papal conclave, 1406Papal conclave, 1431Council of ConstancePapal conclave, 1378

Question 8: Study of the canons of church councils is the foundation of the development of ________, especially the reconciling of seemingly contradictory canons or the determination of priority between them.
Canon lawCanon law (Catholic Church)Natural lawRoman law

Question 9:
  • ________ (1409) attempted to solve the Great Western Schism
    The council is not numbered because it was not convened by a pope and its outcome was repudiated at Constance.
    Council of PisaCouncil of FlorenceCatholic ChurchFirst Council of Nicaea

Question 10: The first and subsequent councils are not recognized by nontrinitarian churches: Unitarians, Latter-day Saints and other ________, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.
Brigham YoungJoseph Smith, Jr.Mormonism and ChristianityMormonism


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