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Ecosystem ecology: Quiz


Question 1: Thus ecosystem ecology provides a powerful framework for identifying ecological mechanisms that interact with global environmental problems, especially ________ and degradation of surface water.
Global warmingScientific opinion on climate changeGlobal warming controversyKyoto Protocol

Question 2: Where GPP is gross primary productivity and Rproducer is photosynthate (________) lost via cellular respiration.

Question 3: Adjacent ecosystems closely interact and often are interdependent for maintenance of community structure and functional processes that maintain productivity and ________
BiodiversityConservation biologyNatureEcology

Question 4: When standing on the stream bank, one can easily see two communities: an aquatic one where fish, insects, and ________ interact, and a terrestrial one with trees, insects, and perhaps herbivores and predators such as deer and coyote.
PhotosynthesisWild fisheriesAlgaePlant

Question 5: Later work by Eugene Odum and ________ quantified flows of energy and matter at the ecosystem level, thus documenting the general ideas proposed by Clements and his contemporary Charles Elton.
C. West ChurchmanHoward T. OdumRussell L. AckoffIlya Prigogine

Question 6: An individual ecosystem is composed of populations of organisms, interacting within communities, and contributing to the cycling of nutrients and the flow of ________.

Question 7: For instance, proteins, sugars and ________ decompose exponentially, but lignin decays at a more linear rate[20] Thus, litter decay is inaccurately predicted by simplistic models.

Question 8: Decomposition is typically described with ________.
Exponential decayBorder Gateway ProtocolHalf-lifeRadioactive decay

Question 9: In this model, energy flows through the whole system were dependent on biotic and abiotic interactions of each individual component (________, inorganic pools of nutrients, etc).
LifeEvolutionBiological classificationSpecies

Question 10: ________ and nutrient cycling are fundamental to ecosystem biomass production.


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