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Ecoregion: Quiz


Question 1: In this context, terrestrial is used to mean "of land" (soil and rock), rather than the more general sense "of ________" (which includes land and oceans).

Question 2: Ecoregions can be categorized using an ________ approach or a holistic, “weight-of-evidence” approach where the importance of various factors may vary.
AlgorithmLogicAlgorithm characterizationsAlan Turing

Question 3: Forests, grasslands (including savanna and shrubland), and deserts (including xeric shrublands) are distinguished by climate (tropical and ________ vs.
São PauloHumid subtropical climateLos AngelesSubtropics

Question 4: The ________ of flora, fauna and ecosystems that characterise an ecoregion tends to be distinct from that of other ecoregions.
NatureEcologyBiodiversityConservation biology

Question 5: Biome types like Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub; tundra; and ________ host very distinct ecological communities, and are recognized as distinct biome types as well.
MangroveMontane grasslands and shrublandsDeserts and xeric shrublandsNeotropic ecozone

Question 6: The weight-of-evidence approach is exemplified by James Omernik’s work for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, subsequently adopted (with modification) for ________ by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 7: temperate and boreal climates) and, for forests, by whether the trees are predominantly conifers (gymnosperms), or whether they are predominantly broadleaf (________) and mixed (broadleaf and conifer).
PlantFlowering plantFernEmbryophyte

Question 8: Ecozone boundaries generally follow continental boundaries, or major barriers to plant and animal distribution, like the ________ and the Sahara.
Deccan PlateauWestern GhatsHimalayasHindu Kush

Question 9: A similar system of identifying areas of the oceans for conservation purposes is the system of large marine ecosystems (LMEs), developed by the US ________ (NOAA).
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationUnited States Environmental Protection AgencyNational Weather ServiceNational Agricultural Statistics Service

Question 10: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) ecologists currently divide the land surface of the ________ into 8 major ecozones containing 867 smaller terrestrial ecoregions (see list).


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