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Economy of the Iroquois: Quiz


Question 1: side of the Mohawk reservation has recently had ________ as high as 46 percent.
Discouraged workerUnderemploymentGap yearUnemployment

Question 2: However, the men differed from the women in that they more often organized as a whole ________ rather than as a clan.

Question 3: This system was characterized by such components as communal land ownership, ________ by gender, and trade mostly based on gift economy.
Division of labourSurplus valueCapitalismKarl Marx

Question 4: The Seneca's have also opened 2 ________, one in Niagara Falls, New York and one in Salamanca, New York.
Native Americans in the United StatesIndian Gaming Regulatory ActPublic Law 280Native American gambling enterprises

Question 5: The Iroquois peoples were predominantly agricultural, harvesting the "Three Sisters" commonly grown by Native American groups: maize, ________, and squash.
Common beanPulse (legume)SoybeanBean

Question 6: The only goods worth stealing would have been ________.
WampumIroquoisSeneca nationEastern Woodlands tribes

Question 7: A hundred ________ could be killed at a time under such a plan.
Even-toed ungulateCattleDeerWild boar

Question 8: Among these developments were ideas concerning the nature and management of ________.
PropertyProperty lawIntellectual propertyLaw

Question 9: The tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy and other Northern Iroquoian-speaking peoples, including the Huron, lived in the region including what is now New York State and the ________ area.
James BayGreat LakesOntarioArctic Ocean

Question 10: The Seneca reservation contains the City of Salamanca, ________, a center of the hardwoods industry[35] with a Native American population of 13 percent.
New JerseyMassachusettsNew YorkConnecticut

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