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Question 1: The Han economy was defined by significant population growth, increasing urbanization, unprecedented growth of industry and trade, and government experimentation with ________.
Libertarian socialismNationalizationSocialist InternationalSocialism

Question 2: [100] Cui Shi's book provides descriptions of rituals for ________, festival and religious holiday celebrations, conduct for family and kinship relations, farmwork, and the schooling season for boys.
ChristianityDay of the DeadGhostVeneration of the dead

Question 3: The Xin Dynasty, established by the former regent ________, formed a brief interregnum between lengthy periods of Han rule.
Ruzi YingHan DynastyEmpress Wang ZhengjunWang Mang

Question 4: [3] Many Han cities grew large: the Western Han capital, Chang'an, had approximately 250,000 inhabitants, while the Eastern Han capital, ________, had approximately 500,000 inhabitants.

Question 5: [112] Besides these arrangements, the most common commercial exchanges between the ________ and Han merchants consisted of the trading of Xiongnu horses and furs for Han agricultural foodstuffs and luxury items, most notably silk.
XiongnuXianbeiHan DynastyJin Dynasty (265–420)

Question 6: The main trade route leading into Han China passed first through Kashgar, yet Hellenized ________ further west was the central node of international trade.
Achaemenid EmpireSeleucid EmpireGreco-Bactrian KingdomBactria

Question 7: A spade-shaped coin issued during the reign of ________ (9–23 AD)
Han DynastyWang MangRuzi YingEmpress Wang Zhengjun

Question 8: The establishment of the ________ occurred during Wu's reign, owing to the efforts of the diplomat Zhang Qian.
Han DynastyTang DynastySilk RoadSino-Roman relations

Question 9: A coin issued during the reign of ________ (9–23 AD), 20 mm in diameter
Han DynastyRuzi YingEmpress Wang ZhengjunWang Mang

Question 10: [128] By the 1st century AD, Bactria and much of Central Asia and North India were controlled by the ________.
Kushan EmpireGupta EmpirePala EmpireMaurya Empire


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