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Economy of ancient Greece: Quiz


Question 1: Only 2 shipwrecks were found that dated from the ________.
8th century BC6th century BC9th century BC7th century BC

Question 2: They were a source of revenue: foreigners had to change their money into the local currency at an ________ favorable to the State.
Fixed exchange rateForeign exchange reservesForeign exchange marketExchange rate

Question 3: In some cities, like ________ and Teos, heavy taxation was imposed on citizens.

Question 4: At ________ (the main port of Athens), this tax was set initially at 1%, then at 2%.

Question 5: For their part, Greek cities ________ wine, pottery, and olive oil.
TradeExportInternational tradeEconomics

Question 6: Since ancient times, Greek agriculture has been based on the trinity: ________, olive oil, and grapes.

Question 7: Nonetheless, the Greek aristocrat's domains remained small compared with the Roman ________.
ItalySpanish languageLatifundiumArgentina

Question 8: On the other hand, working with metal, ________, wood, or clay, was a specialized activity, and looked down upon by most Greeks.
ButtonLeather skirtLeatherWool

Question 9: The lender bore all the risks of the journey, in exchange for which the borrower committed his cargo and his entire fleet, which were precautionarily seized upon their arrival at the port of ________.

Question 10: Only fine dyed tissues, like those made with ________, were created in workshops.
Isatis tinctoriaCochinealIndigo dyeTyrian purple

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