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Economy of Tanzania: Quiz


Question 1: Cash crops, including coffee, tea, cotton, ________, sisal, cloves, and pyrethrum, account for the vast majority of export earnings.
AlmondPeanutWild CashewCashew

Question 2: Zanzibar still imports much of its staple requirements, ________ products, and manufactured articles.
Petroleum industryPeak oilPetroleumEnergy development

Question 3: ________'s economy is based primarily on the production of cloves (90% grown on the island of Pemba), the principal foreign exchange earner.
ZanzibarNewfoundland (island)British EmpireSaint Helena

Question 4: The stock market capitalisation of listed companies in Tanzania was valued at $588 million in 2005 by the ________.
World Bank GroupWorld BankBretton Woods systemInternational Monetary Fund

Question 5: Beginning in 1986, the ________ of Tanzania embarked on an adjustment program to dismantle socialist economic controls and encourage more active participation of the private sector in the economy.

Question 6: The island's manufacturing sector is limited mainly to import substitution industries, such as ________, shoes, and process agricultural products.
CigaretteTobacco advertisingTobacco smokingSmoking

Question 7: Tanzania has qualified for debt relief under the enhanced ________ (HIPC) initiative.
Heavily Indebted Poor CountriesLeast Developed CountryAfrican UnionNon-Aligned Movement

Question 8: Accounting for only about 10% of GDP, Tanzania's industrial sector is one of the smallest in ________.
Sub-Saharan AfricaAfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican Union

Question 9: Tanzania has ________ resources and a largely untapped tourism sector, which might make it a viable market for foreign investment.

Question 10: In June 2003, the Tanzanian Government successfully completed a previous three-year PRGF arrangement with the ________, the successor program to the ESAF.
World Bank GroupBretton Woods systemBasel Committee on Banking SupervisionInternational Monetary Fund


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