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Economy of Norway: Quiz


Question 1: Fishing all around the coast was dangerous work, though fish such as herring, ________, halibut, and other cold-water species were found in abundance.
Wild fisheriesAtlantic codSillaginidaeCod

Question 2: Aside from mining in ________ and Røros, industrialization came with the first textile mills that were built in Norway in the middle of the 19th century.

Question 3: Shipping has long been a support of Norway's export sector, but much of Norway's ________ has been fueled by an abundance of natural resources, including petroleum exploration and production, hydroelectric power, and fisheries.
EconomicsAustrian SchoolEconomic inequalityEconomic growth

Question 4: Both politicians and the public came to terms with the fact that Norway's economic development was dependent on taking advantage of its ________ by specializing in certain areas for export and relying on import for everything else.
International Monetary FundAbsolute advantageComparative advantageMercantilism

Question 5: Although sensitive to global ________, the economy of Norway has shown robust growth since the start of the industrial era.
Keynesian economicsReal Business Cycle TheoryEconomicsBusiness cycle

Question 6: Over time, Norway renegotiated and refined this agreement, ultimately joining the ________ and the European Economic Area.
European integrationEurozoneEuropean Free Trade AssociationSchengen Area

Question 7: ________ is part of several efforts to hedge against dependence on petroleum revenue.
IsraelUnited KingdomUnited StatesThe Government Pension Fund of Norway

Question 8: Norwegians typically lived under conditions of considerable scarcity, though ________ was rare.
FamineFood securityOverpopulationMalnutrition

Question 9: Many agricultural families were reduced to poverty as tenant farmers, and served as the impetus for ________ to North America.

Question 10: The economic conditions in Norway did not lend themselves to the formation of feudal system, though several kings did reward land to loyal subjects who became ________.


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