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Question 1:
Where does Economy of North Korea come from?
North Korea
South Korea and Japan
United States, Estonia and South Korea
Manchuria, Northern Korea

Question 2:
What is the currency of Economy of North Korea?

Question 3:
When was the Economy of North Korea?
11th century
February 2010

Question 4: Deprived of industrial inputs, including fertilizers, pesticides, and electricity for irrigation, agricultural output also started to decrease even before North Korea had a series of ________ in the mid-1990s.
TornadoNatural disasterHurricane KatrinaNatural hazard

Question 5: North Korea claims that it is the only state in the world that does not levy ________.
ExciseTax havenIncome taxTax

Question 6: The flat LCD television factory in North Korea is funded by the ________ community of Japan.
Korean diasporaChongryonKorean languageMindan

Question 7: This ________ also limits the size of the market for North Korean producers, which prevents taking advantage of economies of scale.
MercantilismMarket economyProtectionismAmerican School (economics)

Question 8: This southward exodus continued after the establishment of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) in 1948 and during the 1950-53 ________.
Vietnam WarSino-Soviet border conflictKorean WarCold War

Question 9: Moreover, lack of foreign exchange to purchase spare parts and oil for ________ left many factories idle.
Power stationElectricity generationWind powerGrid energy storage

Question 10: The years of economic contraction in the 1990s slowed this sector as it did others; the shell of the 105-story Ryugyong Hotel has towered unfinished on ________’s skyline for over a decade.

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