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Economy of Mauritania: Quiz


Question 1: Designated name for the ________ (commonly known as Taiwan)
Republic of ChinaPhilippinesVietnamPeople's Republic of China

Question 2: Mauritania has extensive deposits of ________ ore, which account for almost 50% of total exports.

Question 3: The country's first deep water port opened near ________ in 1986.

Question 4: They also eased environmental constraints, and extended the length and scope of the exploitation and exploration ________, among other measures.
Barriers to entryNatural monopolyMonopolyCompetition law

Question 5: In March 1999, the government signed an agreement with a joint World Bank-________ mission on a $54 million enhanced structural adjustment facility (ESAF).
International Monetary FundWorld Bank GroupBretton Woods systemBasel Committee on Banking Supervision


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