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Economy of Guinea-Bissau: Quiz


Question 1: [1] As the Portuguese extended their influence around the coast, Mauritania, Senegambia (by 1445) and ________, they created trading posts.
GuineaSenegalNigerCôte d'Ivoire

Question 2: ________ crops have increased remarkably in recent years, and the country now ranks sixth in cashew production.
Wild CashewPeanutAlmondCashew

Question 3: From the viewpoint of European history the Guinea Coast is associated mainly with ________.
RacismAntisemitismUniversal suffrageSlavery

Question 4: Because of high costs, the development of petroleum, phosphate, and other ________ resources is not a near-term prospect.

Question 5: Rather than becoming direct competitors to the Muslim merchants, the expanding market opportunities in ________ and the Mediterranean resulted in increased trade across the Sahara.
Eastern EuropeBalkansEuropeWestern Europe

Question 6: Already as the President of Guinea-Bissau, Luís Cabral tried to impose a ________ in the country, and supported a socialist model that left the economy of Guinea-Bissau itself ruined.
Planned economySocialismLibertarian socialismSocialist economics

Question 7: Trade goods soon also included arms and ________.
AmmunitionGunBombMilitary technology and equipment

Question 8: The conflict in Portuguese Guinea involving the ________ guerrillas and the Portuguese Army was the most intense and damaging of all Portuguese Colonial War.
Guinea-Bissau legislative election, 2004Elections in Guinea-BissauNational People's Assembly of Guinea-BissauAfrican Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde

Question 9: ________ is the major crop and staple food.

Question 10: The trade from ________ was controlled by the Islamic Empire which stretched along Africa's northern coast.
MayotteSub-Saharan AfricaSouth AfricaRéunion

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