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Economy of Guinea: Quiz


Question 1: Industries: bauxite, gold, diamonds; ________ refining; light manufacturing and agricultural processing industries
Aluminium hydroxideAluminium oxideAluminium chlorideAluminium

Question 2: Foreign investments outside ________ are entitled to especially favorable conditions.

Question 3: Lately, with the increase of alumina demand thanks to booming ________, there is a renew interest in Guinea riches.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)Time in ChinaChina

Question 4: Exports - commodities: bauxite, ________, gold, diamonds, coffee, fish, agricultural products
Aluminium hydroxideAluminium oxideAluminiumAluminium chloride

Question 5: The consortium ________ and Alcoa, partner with the Guinean government in the CBG mining in north western Guinea, have announced the feasibility study for the construction of a 1 million TPa alumina smelter.
Rio Tinto AlcanAluminiumRio Tinto GroupUnited Kingdom

Question 6: Agriculture - products: rice, coffee, pineapples, palm kernels, cassava (tapioca), ________, sweet potatoes; cattle, sheep, goats; timber
PhilippinesPapua New GuineaCoconutBanana

Question 7: Imports - commodities: ________ products, metals, machinery, transport equipment, textiles, grain and other foodstuffs (1997)
Petroleum industryPetroleumPeak oilEnergy development


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