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Economy of Georgia (country): Quiz


Question 1: Since 2004, when the ________ administration came in, seven judges have been detained for taking bribes and 15 brought before the criminal courts.
Eduard ShevardnadzeGeorgia (country)Mikheil SaakashviliNino Burjanadze

Question 2: The major recipients of FDI in Georgia are the telecommunications industry, transportation sector, production and distribution of electricity, and ________.
Civil engineeringStructural engineeringConstructionBuilding services engineering

Question 3: The United States began assisting Georgia in reform process soon after the country gained independence from ________.
East GermanySoviet UnionRussiaJoseph Stalin

Question 4: ________ and winemaking are the most important fields of Georgia’s agriculture.
Harvest (wine)ViticultureBotrytis cinereaVitis vinifera

Question 5: Georgian ________ consumption stood at 1.8 billion cubic meters in 2007.
Energy developmentNatural gasPetroleumCoal

Question 6: Russia was traditionally the biggest export market for ________.
French wineChardonnayGeorgian wineBulgarian wine

Question 7: Natural gas used to be supplied to Georgia by ________.
RussiaMoscowRussian cultureUnited States

Question 8: Economic recovery had been hampered by the separatist disputes in ________ and South Ossetia, resistance to reform on the part of some corrupt and reactionary factions, and Asian financial crisis.
Georgia (country)CrimeaAdjaraAbkhazia

Question 9: Annual ________ growth exceeded 9% in every year since 2005.
Gross domestic productEconomyEconomicsJEL classification codes

Question 10: Georgia has transmission lines that connect its power grid to Russia, Turkey, ________ and Azerbaijan.


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