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Economy of Colombia: Quiz


Question 1: In 1999, the country fell into its first recession since the ________.
Republican Party (United States)Great DepressionUnited StatesFederal Reserve System

Question 2: Designated name for the ________ (commonly known as Taiwan)
VietnamRepublic of ChinaPhilippinesPeople's Republic of China

Question 3: The government of the ________ increased military aid, in 2003, to Colombia to assist in the effort to defend the pipeline.
PhilippinesCanadaAlaskaUnited States

Question 4: services: 52.7% (2006 est.; ________)
United StatesFranceCyprusThe World Factbook

Question 5: In December of the same year, the tribunal concluded that ________, AirScan, the Colombian State, and Generals Fabio Velasco of the Air Force and Hernando Barbosa of the Army were mutually responsible for the attacks.
Occidental PetroleumKansasOklahomaUnited States

Question 6: Colombia is well-endowed with ________ and energy resources.

Question 7: The bombings, which have occurred on average once every 5 days, have caused substantial environmental damage, often in fragile ________ and jungles, as well as causing significant loss of life.
Tropical rainforestPhilippinesPapua New GuineaRainforest

Question 8: As of 2004, Colombia has become a net energy exporter, exporting electricity to ________ and developing connections to Peru, Venezuela and Panama to export to those markets as well.

Question 9: Colombia also entered into an agreement with the ________ which provided a $2.7 billion guarantee (extended funds facility), while committing the government to budget discipline and structural reforms.
Basel Committee on Banking SupervisionInternational Monetary FundBretton Woods systemWorld Bank Group

Question 10: Colombia's estimated ________ showed a surplus $910 million in 1999, up from a $3.8 billion deficit in 1998.
Balance of tradeInternational Monetary FundGlobalizationInternational trade


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