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Economy of Bulgaria: Quiz


Question 1: ________ serves as the main centre for agricultural machinery.
VidinRuse, BulgariaLom, BulgariaSofia

Question 2: ________ Federal Research Division (October 2006).
United States CapitolLibrary of CongressUnited States CongressUnited States House of Representatives

Question 3: Members of the government promised to move forward on cash and mass ________ upon taking office in January 1995 but were slow to act.
PrivatizationPrivate finance initiativeCapitalismDeregulation

Question 4: Main destinations include the capital ________, coastal resorts Albena, Sozopol, Sveti Vlas; winter resorts Pamporovo, Chepelare and Borovetz.

Question 5: The first signs of recovery emerged in 1994 when the GDP grew and ________ fell.
InflationMoneyKeynesian economicsEconomics

Question 6: The economy of Bulgaria is an industrialised, open ________ economy with a moderately advanced private sector and a number of strategic state-owned enterprises.
Friedrich von HayekFree marketLibertarianismAnarcho-capitalism

Question 7: Despite reforms, weak control over privatization led many successful state enterprises to ________.
DebtBond (finance)BankruptcyInsolvency

Question 8: ________ (TPPs) provide a significant amount of energy, with most of the capacity concentrated in the Maritsa Iztok Complex.
Boiler (steam generator)Power stationCoalThermal power station

Question 9: The largest centres include Sofia, ________ and the surrounding area, Botevgrad, Stara Zagora, Varna, Pravets and many other cities.
SlivenPlovdivRuse, BulgariaChiprovtsi

Question 10: The country is expected to join the ________ in 2013.
EurozoneSchengen AreaEuropean integrationEuropean Economic Area


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