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Economy of Angola: Quiz


Question 1: At the same time the Angolan government received large amounts of weapons from the governments of ________, Brazil, Bulgaria, the People's Republic of China, and South Africa.
AzerbaijanBelarusSerbiaBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 2: ________ operates in Block Zero with a 39.2% share.
BoeingAT&TExxonMobilChevron Corporation

Question 3: The ________ has criticized the Angolan government for using torture, rape, summary executions, arbitrary detention, and disappearances, actions which Angolan government has justified on the need to maintain oil output.
United NationsUnited Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesIsrael, Palestine, and the United Nations

Question 4: In January 2007 Angola became a member of ________.
OPECPeak oil2000s energy crisisPetroleum

Question 5: Oil sales generated USD 1.71 billion in tax revenue in 2004 and now makes up 80% of the government's budget, a 5% increase from 2003, and 45% of ________.
Gross domestic productEconomicsEconomyJEL classification codes

Question 6: Angola produces and exports more petroleum than any other nation in sub-Saharan Africa, surpassing ________ in the 2000s.
KenyaSudanSierra LeoneNigeria

Question 7: Economy of Angola at the ________
Jim BarksdaleOpen Directory ProjectLife (magazine)Time Warner

Question 8: imports 7% of its oil from Angola, about three times as much as it imported from Kuwait just prior to the ________ in 1991.
2006 Lebanon WarGulf WarSix-Day WarYom Kippur War

Question 9: Trade between Angola and ________ exceeded USD 300 million in 2007.
MauritiusCanadaSierra LeoneSouth Africa

Question 10: Trade was mostly with the Portuguese ________; Brazilian ships were the most numerous in the ports of Luanda and Benguela.
Portuguese EmpireDejimaColonial BrazilArguin


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