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Economy of Africa: Quiz


Question 1: The current plan is to establish an ________ with a single currency by 2023.
African Monetary UnionAfrican Economic CommunityAfrican UnionCommon Market for Eastern and Southern Africa

Question 2: When developing countries have harvested ________ produce at low cost, they generally do not export as much as would be expected.
Organic farmingAgricultureSustainable agricultureIntensive farming

Question 3: [49] AIDS, whose spread correlates with poverty, has nevertheless hit hardest in some of the wealthiest African countries, including ________, Swaziland, and South Africa.

Question 4: Only in the 1930s, with the rise of ________, did the colonial administrations seriously encourage development.
Supply-side economicsCapitalismKeynesian economicsJohn Maynard Keynes

Question 5: In the 1980s, ________ banned the importation of many foodstuffs to stimulate domestic production.
NigeriaSudanKenyaSierra Leone

Question 6: The economies of China and ________ have grown rapidly, while Latin America has also experienced moderate growth, lifting millions above subsistence living.
IndiaResearch and Analysis WingLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 7: The most damaging are the ________ that have regularly hit the continent, especially the Horn of Africa.
MalnutritionFamineFood securityOverpopulation

Question 8: ________ is high, while life expectancy, literacy, and education are all low.
BurialSuicideDeathInfant mortality

Question 9: The port of Alexandria, founded by ________ in 334 BC, was a hub for Mediterranean trade for centuries.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Ptolemaic KingdomAlexander the GreatSeleucid Empire

Question 10: [37] The increased investment in Africa by China has attracted the attention of the ________ and has provoked talks of competitive investment by the EU.
DenmarkEuropean ParliamentGermanyEuropean Union


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