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Economy car: Quiz


Question 1: In 1980 Fiat introduced the Guigaro designed Mk 1 ________.
Fiat CromaFiat PandaFiat PuntoFiat Grande Punto

Question 2: The first response by domestic American car makers included the FR layout cars, the ________, Chevrolet Vega, and Ford Pinto.
AMC ConcordAMC GremlinAMC PacerAMC Rebel

Question 3: It marked the beginning of mass market ________, that had been enabled by the efficiency of mass production and the moving production line.

Question 4: The ________ was an attempt in the period before 1922 in the post First World War austerity period, as a form of "four-wheeled motorcycle", with all the benefits of a motorcycle and side-car, in a more stable package.

Question 5: The ________ sold 3 million vehicles in thirty years due to its communist captive market.
Station wagonAutomobileEast GermanyTrabant

Question 6: In the 1960s the 750 cc ________ (arguably the first small five-door hatchback, but viewed as a small estate car or station wagon at the time) was launched in France.
Renault DauphineRenault 18Renault 4CVRenault 4

Question 7: Car body corrosion was a particular problem from the 1950s to the 1980s when cars moved to ________ or uni-body construction (starting from the 1930s), from a separate Body-on-frame chassis made from thick steel.
MonocoqueAutomobileHeadlampGlobal Positioning System

Question 8: The Chevrolet Sprint, a three-cylinder Suzuki-built hatchback, The Chevrolet Spectrum built by Isuzu and the ________ built by NUMMI in California, a GM-Toyota joint venture.
IKA-Renault TorinoChevrolet Monte CarloChevrolet NovaDodge Polara

Question 9: ________ Sidecars switched to making cars based on Austin Seven chassis during the 1920s, then made their own complete cars in the 1930s as SS.
Barn SwallowDelichonSwallowCommon House Martin

Question 10: Also in 1976, Ford of Europe launched their first front wheel drive car, the ________.
Ford FiestaFord Motor CompanyFord KaFord Focus (international)

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