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Question 1: and Jha,K.N "the pioneer economist of the world" was ________ (c.
Gandhian economicsKeynesian economicsChanakyaAncient economic thought

Question 2: An economist is an expert in the social science of ________.
MoneyEconomicsHeterodox economicsKeynesian economics

Question 3: Most major universities have an economics faculty, school or department, where ________ are awarded in economics.
Bachelor's degreeAcademic degreeDoctoratePostgraduate education

Question 4: The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, established by ________ in 1968, is a prize awarded to economists each year for outstanding intellectual contributions in the field of economics.
Sveriges RiksbankEuropean Central BankCzech National BankDanmarks Nationalbank

Question 5: However, many prominent economists come from a background in mathematics, engineering, ________, law, sociology, or history.
Companies lawCorporationCorporate lawBusiness

Question 6: As well, a person can gain the skills required to become a professional economist in other related disciplines, such as statistics or some types of ________, such as mathematical finance or game theory.
Applied mathematicsDynamical systems theoryDiscrete mathematicsCombinatorics

Question 7: [13] ________ (431-355) also wrote extensively on the Athenian economy in his work Economics. [14] According to Jha,L.K.
PlatoDemosthenesAlexander the GreatXenophon

Question 8: Early economists were found in the Ancient Greek world, with ________ (382-322 BC) expounding in his work Topics on the topic of human production and further examining the topic in Politics.
EmpiricismPlatoAristotleBertrand Russell

Question 9: They receive their awards (a prize amount, a gold medal and a diploma) on December 10, the anniversary of ________'s death.
Nobel PrizeNobel Peace PrizeAlfred NobelNobel Prize controversies

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