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Economic interventionism: Quiz


Question 1: Economic interventionism is an action taken by a government in a ________ or market-oriented mixed economy, beyond the basic regulation of fraud and enforcement of contracts, in an effort to affect its own economy.
Anarchist economicsSocial market economyParticipatory economicsMarket economy

Question 2: Economic planning tends to be associated with the political left, while economic interventionism is often associated with ________, which believes that certain market outcomes are undesirable or ineffective and ought to be mitigated.
CentrismCentre-rightMarxismPolitical spectrum

Question 3: An economic system that is characterized by the primacy of economic planning over the market is referred to as a ________, where resource allocation and the quantity produced is allocated by non-market means, usually through state-led planning.
Libertarian socialismSocialismPlanned economySocialist economics


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