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Economic history of Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: The eastern coastal area was also much visited by ________ pressing south from Oman and Zanzibar.
Palestinian peopleArab peopleIraqSyria

Question 2: Still, Portugal remains the country with the lowest per capita GDP in ________.
Western EuropeCentral EuropeNorthern EuropeEastern Europe

Question 3: The closest of these, on the sea journey from Portugal, is ________ - known also, from its main economic activity, as the Slave Coast.
Mozambique (Portugal)Portuguese GuineaPortuguese EmpireGuinea-Bissau

Question 4: It was not until they reached the ________ coast in the 1480s that they outdistanced Muslim trading territory.
António I of KongoGarcia II of KongoKingdom of KongoÁlvaro I of Kongo

Question 5: Merchants would buy and sell on commission, with money loaned to them by wealthy investors, or a joint ________ of several merchants, who were often Muslim, Christian and Jewish.
Bond (finance)InvestmentFinanceStock

Question 6: In 1986, Portugal entered the ________ and left the EFTA.
European UnionEuropean Economic CommunityEuropean CommunitiesEuropean Coal and Steel Community

Question 7: [28][29][30] In 1960, Portugal joined the ________ (EFTA) as a founding member.
European Free Trade AssociationEuropean integrationSchengen AreaEuropean Economic Area

Question 8: With the end of Portuguese reconquista and integrated in the European Middle Ages economy, Portuguese led the exploration of the ________, expanding into the first global empire.
Age of DiscoverySpanish EmpireMaritime historyMajor explorations after the Age of Discovery

Question 9: This poor performance of the Portuguese economy was explored in April 2007 by The Economist which described ________ as "a new sick man of Europe".
GreeceEast TimorPortugalSpain

Question 10: Portugal entered the ________ (EEC) in 1986 and left the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) where its had been a founding member in 1960.
European CommunitiesEuropean UnionEuropean Economic CommunityEuropean Coal and Steel Community


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