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Question 1: Instead economic history is taught as a special field component of regular economics PhD programmes in some places, including at University of California, Berkeley, ________, and Yale University.
Rutgers UniversityHarvard CrimsonHarvard UniversityBrown University

Question 2: Merton Miller, who started his academic career teaching economic history at the LSE, won the Nobel in 1990 with ________ and William Sharpe.
Gary BeckerGeorge StiglerMilton FriedmanHarry Markowitz

Question 3: Quantitative (econometric) economic history is also referred to as ________.
Heterodox economicsFinancial economicsEconomicsCliometrics

Question 4: This refers to the systematic use of economic theory and ________ techniques to study economic history.
Economic historyHeterodox economicsEconomicsEconometrics

Question 5: Hughes and Stanley Reiter in 1960 and refers to Clio, who was the muse of history and heroic poetry in ________.
Trojan WarGreek mythologyHeraApollo

Question 6: Indeed, the Economic History Society had its inauguration at LSE in 1926 and the ________ eventually established it's own Economic History programme.
University of BristolUniversity of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of Edinburgh

Question 7: EH.Net Economic History Services - Includes Economic History Encyclopedia, Ask the Professor, Book Reviews, databases, directories, bibliographies, mailing lists, and an ________ calculator.
MoneyInflationKeynesian economicsEconomics

Question 8: Closely related to the historical economics approach to economic history is that of ________.
CliometricsFinancial economicsEconometricsEconomic history

Question 9: The LSE, Glasgow and the ________ together train the vast majority of economic historians coming through the British higher education system.
University of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeUniversity of SouthamptonOxford Brookes University

Question 10: Only the LSE and the ________ retain separate economic history departments and stand-alone undergraduate and graduate programmes in economic history.
University Marine Biological Station MillportUniversity of GlasgowUniversity of EdinburghUniversity of Birmingham


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