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Economic freedom: Quiz


Question 1: Other conceptions of economic freedom include freedom from want[1][12] and the freedom to engage in ________.
Labour lawCollective bargainingTrade unionEmployment

Question 2: By contrast ________ argues for an understanding of freedom in terms of capabilities to pursue a range of goals.
Jawaharlal NehruC. RajagopalachariAmartya SenSatyajit Ray

Question 3: The annual surveys ________ (EFW) and Index of Economic Freedom (IEF) are two indices which attempt to measure the degree of economic freedom in the world's nations.
Freedom of the Press (report)Corruption Perceptions IndexEconomic Freedom of the WorldEase of Doing Business Index

Question 4: ________
Index of Economic Freedom historical rankingsFreedom in the World (report)Corruption Perceptions IndexFreedom of the Press (report)

Question 5: Lawson of the ________ at the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics
VancouverFraser InstituteCanwestConservatism

Question 6: Some free market advocates argue that political and ________ have simultaneously expanded with market-based economies, and present empirical evidence to support the claim that economic and political freedoms are linked.
DemocracyCivil libertiesImmanuel KantJohn Locke

Question 7: ________ argued that the certainty of law contributed to the prosperity of the West more than any other single factor.
Lew RockwellMurray RothbardFriedrich von HayekLudwig von Mises

Question 8: Hartman argues that these choices cause the ________ European countries to rank higher than countries where the government share of the economy is small but growing.
Democratic socialismSocial democracyMarxismSocialist International

Question 9: Today, the term is most commonly associated with a ________ viewpoint, and defined as the freedom to produce, trade and consume any goods and services acquired without the use of force, fraud or theft.
Friedrich von HayekFree marketAnarcho-capitalismLibertarianism

Question 10: The EFW index, originally developed by Gwartney, Lawson and Block at the ________[35] was likely the most used in empirical studies as of 2000.
CanwestConservatismVancouverFraser Institute


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