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Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor: Quiz


Question 1: The probability of radioactivity release to the atmosphere is several orders of magnitude lower than conventional nuclear power plants, and the building cost is 60-70% of other ________.
UraniumNuclear reactor technologyLight water reactorBoiling water reactor

Question 2: The reactor formally known as Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) is a passively safe generation III+ reactor which builds on the success of the ________.
Light water reactorAdvanced Boiling Water ReactorNuclear reactor technologyNuclear power

Question 3: ________
UraniumEconomics of new nuclear power plantsNuclear power debateNuclear reactor technology

Question 4: Both are designs by General Electric, and are based on their ________ design.
Light water reactorNuclear powerNuclear reactor technologyBoiling water reactor


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