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Question 1: [216] Holism was first introduced in 1926 by a polarizing historical figure, a South African General named ________.
Alwyn SchlebuschPieter Willem BothaJan SmutsDaniel Fran├žois Malan

Question 2: [2][83][147] Plants, algae, and some bacteria absorb light and assimilate the energy through ________.
Plant physiologyChloroplastPhotosynthesisCell wall

Question 3: [125] The host and associate relationship is called ________ if one species benefits while the other suffers.
Dirofilaria immitisCatToxoplasmosisParasitism

Question 4: Other events, such as the evolution of trees and amphibians moving into land in the ________ played a significant role in the development of soils and ecological trophism.
Late Devonian extinctionCarboniferousGeologic time scaleDevonian

Question 5: [146] The physical environmental connection means that the laws of ________ applies to ecology.
EntropyStatistical mechanicsThermodynamicsThermodynamic equations

Question 6: Examples of biome names include: tropical rainforest, temperate broadleaf and mixed forests, temperate deciduous forest, taiga, tundra, ________, and polar desert.
DesertSaharaAtacama DesertAntarctica

Question 7: ________, for example, are a larger unit of organization that categorize regions of the Earth's ecosystems mainly according to the structure and composition of vegetation.
Temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublandsBiomeTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsDeserts and xeric shrublands

Question 8: A often quoted behavioural ecology hypothesis is known as Lack's brood reduction hypothesis (named after ________).
Natural selectionOrnithologyDavid LackCharles Darwin

Question 9: [231] ________ is the stock of materials or information stored in biodiversity that generates services that can enhance the welfare of communities.
Natural environmentEcological economicsSustainabilityNatural capital

Question 10: [200] Biogeographer ________ was also foundational and was among the first to recognize ecological gradients and alluded to the modern ecological law of species to area relationships.
Alexander von HumboldtGermanyHumboldtBerlin


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