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Ecdysozoa: Quiz


Question 1: The highly derived roundworms, with their many highly derived ________ taxa and a considerable number of autapomorphies continue to pose problems, and are one of the most contested inclusions of grouping.
CatDirofilaria immitisToxoplasmosisParasitism

Question 2: While the cuticle in arthropods like insects contains chitin, or can be a combination of both chitin and keratin in crustaceans, chitin has never been found in the complex cuticle of Nematoda which is a fibrous and multilayered structure made of ________ and keratin of types unique to the Nematoda.
Collagen, type I, alpha 1CollagenCollagen, type II, alpha 1Lysyl hydroxylase

Question 3: The Ecdysozoans lack locomotory cilia, produce mostly ________ sperm, and their embryos do not undergo spiral cleavage as in most other protostomes.

Question 4: One of the proposed solutions is to regard Ecdysozoa as a sister-group of ________,[9] however the controversy is still far from closure.

Question 5: Some zoologists still hold to the original view that Panarthropoda should be classified with ________ in a group called the Articulata, and that Ecdysozoa are polyphyletic.

Question 6: The Ecdysozoa (pronounced /ˌɛkdɪsɵˈzoʊ.ə/) are a grouping of protostome animals,[1] including the Arthropoda (insects, ________, crustaceans, and myriapods), Nematoda, and several smaller phyla.
ChelicerataArachnidSea spiderSpider

Question 7: The Ecdysozoa include the following phyla: ________, Onychophora, Tardigrada, Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, Loricifera, Nematoda and Nematomorpha.

Question 8: The group is also supported by morphological characters, and can be considered as including all animals that shed their ________ (see ecdysis).
ArthropodSmall shelly faunaExoskeletonSponge

Question 9: They were first defined by Aguinaldo et al. in 1997, based mainly on trees constructed using 18S ________ genes.
Transfer RNARibosomal RNANon-coding RNADNA


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