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Ecco Pro: Quiz


Question 1: ECCO Lite with an ECCO file of more than 2,000 Internet ________
Uniform Resource LocatorHypermediaHyperlinkURI scheme

Question 2: These included Polaris Packrat, Symantec ________ (now Sage ACT!), Lotus Organizer, and Microsoft Schedule+ (predecssor to Microsoft Outlook).
Microsoft WordMicrosoft Office 2007ACT!Microsoft SQL Server

Question 3: Central to the program's design is an outlining structure and the ability to easily manipulate ________ regardless of which view it was entered.
Systems engineeringElectrical engineeringInformationArtificial intelligence

Question 4: [7], originally based in Kirkland, Washington, and later ________.
SeattleBellevue, WashingtonIssaquah, WashingtonRedmond, Washington

Question 5: Problems which had been an irritation for users, such as a Year 2000 (________) bug requiring manually fixing the ending period of recurring dates, have been solved with add-on 'eccotools' and a new 'eccoextension'.
Year 10,000 problemEpoch (reference date)Gregorian calendarYear 2000 problem

Question 6: The ________ application was released in June 1993 by Arabesque Software, Inc.
DirectXMicrosoft WindowsInternet Information ServicesInternet Explorer

Question 7: Perez, a 1977 Harvard Law School graduate, joined ________ in the 1980s as a software engineer and eventually managed the Macintosh Software Evangelism Group at Apple[10].
MicrosoftApple Inc.Mac OS XIntel Corporation

Question 8: ________ selected ECCO Professional for their Best of 93 issue[9] and in their May 17, 1994, issue awarded ECCO their Editor’s Choice.
National Geographic (magazine)PC MagazineScientific AmericanPC World (magazine)

Question 9: Information is entered in "items," (text blocks up to 32 kilobytes, or a Windows OLE object (such as a .bmp file, Microsoft Word document, ________ document, etc.) that can be arranged hierarchically, as an outline.
Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft PowerPointMicrosoft AccessMicrosoft Office

Question 10: Users can display these outlines with columns relating to other folders, very much like a ________.
GnumericMicrosoft CalcSpreadsheet


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