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Ecclesiastes: Quiz


Question 1: the older ________ use), and terms that appear to specifically fit a Persian/Hellenistic context (e.g.
German languageGrammatical aspectPreteriteSpanish language

Question 2: Although this latter conclusion has sometimes been compared to ________, for Qoheleth it comes about as the inevitable result of his failure to make sense of existence.

Question 3: A Metaphrase of the Book Of Ecclesiastes by ________.
JeromeOrigenGregory ThaumaturgusCatholic Church

Question 4: For example, the book contains several ________ and two Persian words.
Semitic languagesAramaic languageAkkadian languageArabic language

Question 5:

Question 6: He mentions no ________, which, some may argue, is to be expected seeing that it predates this theology.
ResurrectionBiblical canonBibleJesus

Question 7: Since this work is found within the ________, there must be some room for poetical treatment.

Question 8: This view that death is oblivion stands in contrast to later descriptions of the afterlife, such as gehenna, the ________, and the resurrection of the dead.
Bosom of AbrahamOrthodox ChurchLimboJesus

Question 9: Arguments against its inclusion were alleged opposition to statements in Psalms,[7] internal incoherency, and heresy[8] (________).

Question 10: The word Qohelet has found several translations into English, including The Preacher (following ________'s suggested Latin title concionator and Martin Luther's Der Prediger).
IrenaeusJustin MartyrEucharistic theologies contrastedJerome


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