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  • the Ebla tablets, found in ancient Ebla, Syria, and dating back to 2500 BC, reveal that the city produced a range of beers, including one that appears to be named "Ebla"?

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Question 1: Most of its trade seems to have been directed towards ________ (chiefly Kish), and contacts with Egypt are attested by pottery fragments with the names of pharaohs Khafra and Pepi I.
AssyriaBabyloniaMesopotamiaAkkadian Empire

Question 2: The city's main articles of trade were probably timber from the nearby mountains (and perhaps from Lebanon), and textiles (mentioned in Sumerian texts from the city-state of ________).
LagashAkkadian EmpireSumerian King ListUr

Question 3: [16] Giovanni Pettinato has also claimed to find references to ________.
JesusDead SeaSodom and GomorrahJerusalem

Question 4: [17][18] Contrary to many earlier claims, the present consensus is that "Ebla has no bearing on the Minor Prophets, the historical accuracy of the ________, Yahweh worship, or Sodom and Gomorra".
JacobPatriarchs (Bible)AbrahamIsaac

Question 5: The city was destroyed again in the turbulent period of 1650 – 1600 BC, by a ________ king (Mursili I or Hattusili I).

Question 6: 2400 and 2240 BC; its name is mentioned in texts from ________ from ca.
Akkadian EmpireNeo-Assyrian EmpireSumerAbbasid Caliphate

Question 7: In 1964, Italian archaeologists from the ________ under the direction of Paolo Matthiae began excavating at Tell Mardikh.
University of PaduaRoma Tre UniversityUniversity of BolognaSapienza University of Rome

Question 8: 3rd millennium Ebla was a ________ society.

Question 9: Giovanni Pettinato and Mitchell Dahood believe the Eblaite language is West Semitic, however I. J. Gelb and others believe it is an East Semitic dialect, closer to the ________.
Aramaic languageAkkadian languageEgyptian ArabicArabic language

Question 10: It was recorded both in Ebla and Aleppo that he concluded specific treaties with neighboring Armi, as ________ was called at the time.


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