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Eastern Rumelia: Quiz


Question 1: After the Bulgarian victory in the subsequent ________, the status quo was recognized by the Porte with the Tophane Act of 24 March 1886.
SerbiaSofiaPlovdivSerbo-Bulgarian War

Question 2: Its capital was ________ (Ottoman Filibe, known back then in the West by its Greek name Philippopolis).
PlovdivRuse, BulgariaSofiaVarna

Question 3:
Eastern Rumelia, Congo Free State and Principality of Bulgaria are all:
Former countries in the Balkans Former Slavic countries 1908 disestablishments Ottoman Thrace

Question 4:
Eastern Rumelia, Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization and Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising are all:
Former countries in the Balkans Former Slavic countries Ottoman Thrace History of Bulgaria

Question 5: Ethnic ________ composed the absolute demographic majority within Eastern Rumelia.
BulgariansBulgarian literatureBulgarian Orthodox ChurchFirst Bulgarian Empire

Question 6:
Eastern Rumelia, Soviet Union and Russian Empire are all:
History of Bulgaria Former Slavic countries Former countries in the Balkans 1908 disestablishments

Question 7: The province is remembered today by philatelists for having issued ________ from 1880 on.
Postage stampMailStamp collectingAirmail stamp

Question 8: [3] The Republic of Tamrash and the region of ________ were reincorporated in the Ottoman Empire.

Question 9:
Eastern Rumelia, Yugoslavia and First Bulgarian Empire are all:
Ottoman Thrace Former countries in the Balkans 1908 disestablishments History of Bulgaria

Question 10: It encompassed the territory between the Balkan Mountains, the Rhodope Mountains and Strandzha, a region known to all its inhabitants â€” Bulgarians, Ottoman Turks, Roma, Greeks, ________ and Jews â€” as Northern Thrace.
Armenian Apostolic ChurchArmeniansArmenian diasporaArmenian language


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