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Question 1: In the south, three German attempts to relieve the encircled ________ failed and the city fell on 13 February to the Soviets.

Question 2: Many hundreds of thousands of Soviet civilians were executed, and millions more died from ________ as the Germans requisitioned food for their armies and fodder for their draft horses.

Question 3: Local ________ were encouraged to carry out their own pogroms.
The HolocaustRacial antisemitismAntisemitismJews

Question 4:
Where did Eastern Front (World War II) take place?

Question 5:
Who was a commander in the Eastern Front (World War II)?
George H. W. Bush
Georg von Ku00FCchler
Georg Carl von Du00F6beln
General George Daniel Gerlach

Question 6: General Georgy Zhukov concentrated his ________ (1BF), which had been deployed along the Oder river from Frankfurt in the south to the Baltic, into an area in front of the Seelow Heights.
51st Army1st Belorussian FrontBryansk Front2nd Belorussian Front

Question 7: Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation ‚Äď the Soviet campaign against Japan in Manchuria, ________, Korea, Sakhalin and the Kurile Islands
Evenk Autonomous BannerWuchuan County, Inner MongoliaInner MongoliaManzhouli

Question 8: The gradual industrialization of killing led to adoption of the ________ and the establishment of the Operation Reinhard extermination camps: the machinery of the Holocaust.
Final SolutionThe HolocaustWannsee ConferenceAdolf Hitler

Question 9: On 30 March they entered ________ and captured Vienna on 13 April.
PolandAustriaHungaryCzech Republic

Question 10:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Eastern Front (World War II)?
Hu014Dju014D forces

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