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Eastern European Time: Quiz


Question 1:
  • The Turkey - Iraq - Iran tripoint in the summer only: Turkey follows UTC+2 with DST, Iraq follows UTC+2 with no DST, and ________ follows UTC+3:30 with no DST
    IranPakistanIran–Iraq WarAzerbaijan

Question 2: There are two "tri-zone" points involving ________:
TurkeyCroatiaCyprusTurkish people

Question 3: The westernmost part of Greece, including the cities of Patras, Ioannina and the island of ________
PaxiIthacaCorfuIonian Islands

Question 4: Russia (________, in 1945 and now since 1991)
Saint PetersburgKrasnoyarsk KraiKaliningrad OblastLeningrad Oblast

Question 5: The Turkey - Azerbaijan (Nakhichevan exclave) - Iran tripoint: Turkey follows UTC+2 with DST, ________ follows UTC+4 with DST, and Iran follows UTC+3:30 with no DST
NakhchivanAzerbaijanGeorgia (country)Kazakhstan

Question 6: ________, in years 1921-40 and since 1989

Question 7: The absolutely easternmost part of ________, in the Pirot District, including the city of Pirot.
BelgradeMontenegroBosnia and HerzegovinaSerbia

Question 8: Actually, the easternmost town in ________, Vardø, lies at 30°51' E, which is so far east, so as to be east even of the central meridian of EET (UTC+2), i.e.
PolandGermanyUnited StatesNorway

Question 9: In ________ this time was used in years 1918-22.

Question 10: The southwestern coast of ________, including the city of Turku; also the Åland islands (of Finnish jurisdiction) – the Åland islands are the westernmost locale applying EET in the whole of Europe

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