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Question 1: The term is generally used in Western Christianity to describe all Christian traditions which did not develop in ________.
Northern EuropeWestern EuropeEastern EuropeCentral Europe

Question 2: The following Oriental Orthodox churches are autocephalous and in ________:
Catholic ChurchEastern Catholic ChurchesFull communionChristianity

Question 3: For the non-Catholic Eastern churches, a definitive date for the commencement of schism cannot usually be given (see ________).
CrusadesFirst seven Ecumenical CouncilsEast–West SchismCounter-Reformation

Question 4: There are national dissidents, where ethnic groups want their own nation-church like with the ________ and Montenegrin Orthodox Church; both domiciles of the Serbian Orthodox Church.
Russian Orthodox ChurchBulgarian Orthodox ChurchMacedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid ArchbishopricArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 5: Theology
Hesychasm - Icon
Apophaticism - ________
Miaphysitism - Monophysitism
Nestorianism - Theosis - Theoria
Phronema - Philokalia
Praxis - Theotokos
Hypostasis - Ousia
Essence-Energies distinction
Ecumenical councilEast–West SchismCatholic ChurchFilioque

Question 6: Most of these are either part of the more traditional ________ movement, which arose from a schism within Russian Orthodoxy, or the more radical "Spiritual Christianity" movement.
ChristologyChristian heresyOld BelieversRestorationism (Christian primitivism)

Question 7: [2] By the 5th century the Saint Thomas Christians were part of the ________, or Nestorian Church.
Eastern ChristianityAssyrian Church of the EastChurch of the EastHistory of the Orthodox Church

Question 8: None of these groups are in communion with the mainstream churches listed above, aside from a few ________ parishes in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.
Old BelieversChristian heresyChristologyRestorationism (Christian primitivism)

Question 9: Eastern Catholics Information concerning Christians of Eastern rites who are in communion with, and under the jurisdiction of, the ________, the Bishop of Rome.
Pope Benedict XVICatholic ChurchPopePope John Paul II

Question 10: Historically, the Church of the East was the widest reaching branch of Eastern Christianity, at its height spreading from its heartland in Persia and Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean, India, and ________.
Province (China)Time in ChinaReligion in ChinaChina

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