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East Karelia: Quiz


Question 1: After the fall of ________, there has been a revival in Finnish culture in East Karelia.
MarxismSocialismCommunismCommunist state

Question 2: In the sparsely populated East Karelian backwoods, mainly in Vienan Karelia, Elias Lönnrot collected the folk tales that ultimately would become ________'s national epic, the Kalevala.

Question 3: It is separated from the western part of Karelia, called ________ or historically Swedish Karelia (before 1808).
FinlandKarelia (historical province of Finland)Karelian IsthmusÅland Islands

Question 4: It was especially popular during the ________ when it seemed possible through German assistance.
Eastern Front (World War II)Winter WarContinuation WarVyborg–Petrozavodsk Offensive

Question 5: Most of the East Karelia is now part of the ________ within the Russian Federation.
DagestanIngushetiaKomi RepublicRepublic of Karelia

Question 6: East Karelia, in Finnish Itä-Karjala, also Eastern Karelia or Russian Karelia, is a name for the part of ________ that since the Treaty of Stolbova in 1617 has remained Christian Orthodox under Russian supremacy.
FinlandKarelian IsthmusKareliaSortavala


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