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East China Normal University: Quiz


Question 1: In April 1994, the School of Humanities was first founded, comprising the ________, Philosophy, Law/Politics and Social sciences departments.
TimeHistoryPeriodizationGeologic time scale

Question 2: Liu Xiang(刘翔):Gold medal at 110 metre hurdles in the ________ and superstar
China at the 2004 Summer OlympicsGermany at the 2004 Summer Olympics2004 Summer OlympicsSwitzerland at the 2004 Summer Olympics

Question 3: Lu Bai(鲁白):Senior Investigator of ________.
Johns Hopkins HospitalHarbor HospitalNational Institutes of HealthGreater Baltimore Medical Center

Question 4: East China Normal University (ECNU) (simplified Chinese: 华东师范大学traditional Chinese: 華東師範大學pinyin: Huádōng Shīfàn Dàxué), was founded in October 1951 in western ________, on the campus of Great China University.
ShanghaiHong KongChongqingBeijing

Question 5: Han Zheng(韩正):Mayor of ________.
BeijingShanghaiHong KongChongqing

Question 6: ECNU is designated as one of the National Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences Training and Research Bases in its disciplines of Chinese, History, Mathematics, ________, Psychology and Physics.
GeographyHuman geographyCartographyPhysical geography

Question 7: ECNU is a high level normal university founded in October 1951, based on the former Great China University and Kwang Hua University, incorporated with part of ________ and Tongji University etc.
Fudan UniversityZhejiang UniversityTsinghua UniversityPeking University

Question 8: Cheng(程正迪):Academician of the ________
National Academy of EngineeringUnited States National Academy of SciencesUnited States National AcademiesUnited States National Research Council

Question 9: It is the first ________ of the People's Republic of China.
United StatesNormal schoolIllinoisArgentina

Question 10: Recently, ECNU has entered into an agreement with ________ (NYU) to establish a study-abroad program enabling almost 200 students from NYU to study at ECNU each academic year.
Columbia UniversityRockefeller UniversityNew York UniversityCornell University


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